120 Main St. West, New Prague, MN, 56071
Open 24/7 to members! Open to the public Saturdays 9am-12pm and Thursdays 3-6pm
120 Main St. West, New Prague, MN, 56071
Open 24/7 to members! Open to the public Saturdays 9am-12pm and Thursdays 3-6pm

Exciting News!

Did you hear what we’re up to? In a recent article published by The Prague Times, we announced our plans to work on a project centered around promoting tourism in New Prague. We have partnered with four New Prague High School students looking for real-world business skills to open a small, boutique inn above Farmhouse Market. We will only move as fast as the funds allow but we’re hopeful to be open by June 2019.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Purchasing a gift certificate or agreeing to an annual corporate contract now will help you save big money and will help us to raise the necessary funds to begin construction.

Starting this Friday, 11/23, gift certificates will be made available on our website at a significant savings: $89/weekend night! (regularly priced $109/weekend night.)
Only limited quantities will be made available.

Agree to a corporate annual contract before the end of 2018, and your organization can save on regularly-priced weeknight room rates. (regularly priced $89/weeknight.)

  • Pay $2,496 now, receive 4 weeknight stays per month for twelve consecutive months ($52/night)
  • Pay $1,488 now, receive 2 weeknight stays per month for twelve consecutive month ($62/night)Contact Kendra at farmhousemarketnp@gmail.com with questions!THE COMPLETE NEW PRAGUE TIMES ARTICLE IS BELOW!_____________________

Farmhouse Market partners with local high school students to expand business and increase tourism

Plans for a small boutique inn and PR campaign aim to make New Prague a weekend getaway destination.

New Prague, Minn. – November 18th, 2018 – The owners of Farmhouse Market, a tech-savvy local and organic foods market that was recently featured in the New York Times, have partnered with four New Prague High School students to launch a new business extension they hope will increase tourism and business for downtown New Prague.

Farmhouse Market is owned and operated by New Prague native Kendra (Sticha) Rasmusson and her husband, Paul Rasmusson. As business owners, the Rasmussons understand the day-to-day joys and challenges of operating in a small town. With major road construction scheduled for Main Street in 2020, the Rasmussons knew they needed to begin seeking out ways to help promote tourism and business in the city of New Prague. They felt efforts to do so would support the many downtown shops – including their own – who could face decreased foot traffic during the Main Street construction project. After discussions with local residents and fellow business owners, the Rasmussons believe they have zeroed in on a community need they can help address.

“Living in New Prague is really great but the need for downtown boutique-quality accommodations for overnight guests is apparent. It’s hard to promote tourism and increase business for New Prague businesses when some tourists might feel limited to only day trips,” said Kendra.

In a time when travelers – often using sites like Airbnb.com or VRBO.com – have grown accustom to having options for accommodations, the Rasmussons decided they had the space and opportunity to provide just that – a different option – to those seeking overnight accommodations in and around New Prague.

When the Rasmussons learned of the MARS (Mastering Academics and Real-World Skills) Program at New Prague High School, they began a partnership with four local high school students in the program that would help launch this endeavor.

New Prague High School students, Amanda Giesen, Megan Rademacher, Wyatt Zack, and Shoheib Zabar have already begun working with the Rasmussons to set a plan of action for the project. The group has broken the project down into phases beginning with raising the necessary funds to start construction. The project will move as fast as the funds allow but the Rasmussons are hopeful that through gift certificate pre-sales, corporate partnerships, and miscellaneous fundraising efforts, the project will stay on schedule. Subsequent phases of the project include PR efforts to attract travelers from other parts of the state (or beyond); and to encourage local residents to consider “hosting” out-of-town guests at the inn.

“I have been very impressed by the participation and efforts of Megan, Amanda, Wyatt, and Shoheib during our preliminary planning meetings. They bring fresh ideas to the table and feel comfortable offering countering opinions on ideas we have. We are grateful to have their energy and support during this project,” said Kendra Rasmusson.

The Rasmussons envision the end result being a country-chic, two or three-bedroom inn with modern amenities located above Farmhouse Market. Utilizing the same tech-savvy, consumer-friendly business model as the market below, the Rasmussons hope the inn will be well-received by the community and out-of-town guests.

“We want the inn to be a community project where local residents feel they can have a say in some of the details. For starters, we’ll be opening up a poll to help us name the inn. As construction progresses, we’ll also ask for community input as we make decisions on the design, layout, color scheme, etc. of the space,” adds Kendra.

The Rasmussons are offering significant discounts to those who choose to purchase gift certificates or agree to corporate contracts before the end of 2018. A limited number of discounted gift certificates for individual night stays will open up online at www.FarmhouseMarketNP.com on November 23rd (Black Friday). The Rasmussons will also make a small number of pre-sale opportunities available to local corporations willing to commit to an annual contract before the end of this year.

If pre-sale fundraising efforts go as planned, the inn will begin taking reservations for June 2019.

Learn more about Farmhouse Market and the inn project at www.FarmhouseMarketNP.com.

About Farmhouse Market
Farmhouse Market works directly with local farmers and food producers in addition to natural foods distributors to make more health food options available in a convenient way for local families. Farmhouse Market is a primarily-unstaffed, membership-based local and organic foods market that is open 24/7 thanks to technology like a keycard entry system and a self-checkout.  www.FarmhouseMarketNP.com