120 Main St. West, New Prague, MN, 56071
Open 24/7 to members! Open to the public: Tues: 12 – 3pm, Thurs: 3 – 6pm & Sat: 9am – 12pm.
120 Main St. West, New Prague, MN, 56071
Open 24/7 to members! Open to the public: Tues: 12 – 3pm, Thurs: 3 – 6pm & Sat: 9am – 12pm.

Member spotlight: Callie Witty

Tell me a little bit about yourself? Family, profession, life, anything.

Besides my four years of college at the University of Minnesota Duluth, I have lived in New Prague my entire life.  My husband, Dan, also grew up here.  We have three children; Grayson is six and will be in first grade this fall, Parker is four and will be attending Pre-K, and Hazel is one.  As a family we like to be outside, go on the lake, and explore new places. I am lucky to work here as a kindergarten teacher at Raven Stream Elementary.  


Why did you become a member at Farmhouse Market?

When I heard that Kendra and Paul were opening a store that would carry a lot of local and organic products, I was sold!  From the moment it opened, I have been impressed.  Kendra is so helpful and willing to try new food/products.  I mention something I am looking for, and right away she looks in to it, and often I can find it on the shelf days later.  I love being able to shop anytime I want, and usually alone 🙂  I am in and out in less than five minutes.  


What are your favorite products at Farmhouse Market?

We buy eggs, milk, and chicken sausage patties consistently.   Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are a special treat for Grayson and me when we stop after school.  I like to get fresh produce, especially peppers.  The granola and soups are great, too!  I often shop alone, so I just wander around checking out different food.  I like to shop at Farmhouse first to see how much I can cross off my grocery list- a lot of my meals come from here.  Besides food, I also purchase Honest Company Stain Remover, lotion, and conditioner.  


Why is being a member worthwhile to you?

I want to support this local business because of the products they carry, the people that own it, and the innovative concept.  I will continue to feed my family local and organic products, and Farmhouse provides what we need.  The convenience of shopping anytime and the events/classes are also big benefits to being a member (and the member discount, of course!).


What is your favorite part about our community? (New Prague or Farmhouse!)

We love the small New Prague community because of our neighborhood, the schools, the people, the sports, and the local businesses.  We are lucky to live in a place with lots of parks and trails, a nearby lake, excellent schools, and great shops and restaurants.  

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