120 Main St. West, New Prague, MN, 56071
Open 24/7 to members! Open to the public Thursdays 3-6pm
120 Main St. West, New Prague, MN, 56071
Open 24/7 to members! Open to the public Thursdays 3-6pm

Our 5 New Year’s Resolutions To You…

Happy New Year!

Here are our 2017 resolutions to you: 

1. Produce: less, but more.
Instead of trying to have a small sampling of more varieties of fresh produce, we’re going to follow the “less is more” philosophy. Each month, we’ll feature a smaller variety of produce but we’ll have more of it. We’ll let our local farmers lead and follow what’s in season but highlight the lesser-known types of produce to keep variety in your kitchen.

2. Keep the classes coming.
We had a great response to last year’s classes and we plan to host many more. Which classes do you want to see again? Which new classes can we bring you? Click here to send us your suggestions. We’ll also work some quick project kits into the mix so you and a few friends can grab a project kit to complete together upstairs in our community room OR at home with a bottle of wine!

3. Introduce new products.
We’re involved in a local food network and we meet regularly with amazing local food producers. You really need to try their products, so we’ll introduce one (or more!) a month and (when applicable) feature their products in our gift sets. If you like the products, we’ll keep ’em on the shelf. Our survey respondents also gave us some ideas of products they wanted to see in the market, so we’ll work through that list too. Send us any other product ideas you have, we like trying new things.

4. Regular recipes + meal kits.
Over 59% of our survey respondents wanted more help with meal planning. We get it! We all know it’s important to have healthy family meals but life is busy. Our  volunteers are already experimenting in the kitchen to create recipes and meal kits you can pick up all at once at Farmhouse Market. We’re keeping in mind varying diets and budgets so we can help all families gather around the dinner table together with less stress.

5. Groceries for seniors & small households.
Because not every household is big enough to go through a half gallon of milk or a dozen eggs before they expire, we’re working to develop a menu of smaller-sized products that would better serve these customers. Not just that, but we’d like to also offer the option to deliver these grocery items to the local senior centers.

Well, what do you think? Did we miss anything that’s important to you? Send us a note.

The growth of our little market is dependent upon you, our valued customers, so please let us know how we can help make Farmhouse Market the place you love to shop most.

We look forward to seeing you often in 2017!